If you want to learn how to build a world class detailing business, and make sure that every hour you spend working on your business is having a massive impact on growing your client base, then keep reading.

I don’t want you to waste another minute trying to build your business if it’s not helping support you with massive client growth, so you can generate more clients and more revenue to you!


This is NOT for people who just want to say they have a detailing business and who try to impress their friends with their “business”, but will not really work hard at developing a world class detailing business!
"But if you're wanting to systematically grow your business, become the biggest, best detailing business in your city, and sell any priced detailing services you have (from a $25 wash to a $5,000 coating on a Ferrari), then you’re in the right place."
Jimbo Balaam is the owner and operator of Jimbo’s Auto Detailing in Southern California.
When Jimbo started as a detailer, he had ZERO clients. He started his business during the worst economy since the Great Depression and grew it into a thriving six figure business.

Despite that many people told him that it was the worst time in history to start a business and on top of that a business that was more of a “luxury item” than a necessity. He decided to launch anyway.

In 2014 Jimbo launched, what has become, the most popular podcast on Auto Detailing.
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Some of the guests that have been heard on his podcast are as follows:
Renny Doyle Detailer Of Air Force One
Berry Meguiar from Meguairs
Nick Champman from Gas Monkey Garage
Kevin Davis from Detailer's Helper Belt
The guys from Meguairs, Optimum Polymer Technologies
Richard Lin from Black WOW / CS-II Coatings
Rob Schufer from the International Detailing Association
Joe Fernandez from Superior Shine
Darren Priest, YouTube Sensation
Jason Rose from Rupes USA
Todd Helm from Rupes USA
Jimbo teamed up with marketing and business growth legend Pete Mitchell.
Pete Mitchell is the recognized expert and creator of Instant Results Advertising. His powerful, proven strategies have been used by thousands of businesses of all sizes and generated over 6.5 billion dollars in sales.

Pete leads several groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want to discover better, faster and more effective ways to market their business and grow their profits.

Together, Pete and Jimbo Created...
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The Detailer Inner Circle!
Their Detailer Inner Circle community has been crushing it with massive growth!
"I just want to say, thank you for hooking us up with all this great training! For some of us that are entry levels, you know, this is all new to us. This Detailers Inner Circle is great. I really appreciate you helping me out with building my business. And thank you very much!”
- Chris, Endless Auto Styling 
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Consultant
My biggest takeaway from The Detailers Inner Circle is I really didn't know very many ways to market my business. I didn't know how much marketing was required, or how to do it! Until I joined your program, and you taught me! Thank you, Pete!”
- David P, David's Mobile Auto Detailing
"Off this one marketing technique, I just closed $1,100 dollars in sales. This is the most I've ever made…
Thank you Pete & Jimbo for the Detailer Inner Circle!"
The Secret that will Skyrocket your business is called...
The Detailer Inner Circle!
You can get immediate access to the ultimate detailer marketing training, so you can market your detailing business, as well as get monthly coaching with Pete and Jimbo.
Every single month Pete and Jimbo do LIVE private podcasts that reveal to you how to grow your business and learn the top detailing marketing strategies for how you can automate and grow your business.
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The Detailer Inner Circle is their new business coaching program where they teach you exactly what’s working in their business, and how you can apply it to your business.

If you want to rapidly grow your detailing business - or - if you have a detailing side hustle you want to get off the ground … and you want a mastermind with the highest level of advice without buying course after course.

Then the Detailer Inner Circle Is For You!
Here’s how it works
When You Join The Detailer Inner Circle
You Get All This:
Your Own Personalized Lead Generation Website ($1,164 Value)
Start and Grow Your Own Business ($997 Value)
Detailing For Profits Masterclass ($1,997 Value)
Facebook For Detailers ($97 value)
4 Pre-Written Consumer Guides with YOU as The Author, Ready To Go ($1,997 Value)
5 Day Cash Machine Training ($1,997 Value)
Contest Hacking For Detailers: How To Use Contests And Giveaways To Get More Paying Clients Than You Ever Imagined ($1,425 Value)
Pre-written Client Follow Up Emails, Letters, and Text Messages ($497 value)
Voxer Access to Pete & Jimbo, as well as the other detailers in the group ($297/yr Value)
Live stream recordings from previous year’s Detailer Marketing Bootcamps ($297 Value)
Total Value $10,765
Hear from the Inner Circle community:
"I just wanted to say thank you for the Detailers Inner Circle. I think it's a great system! Thank you!"
- Ben Killham in Ocala, Florida
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Consultant
"My takeaway is I really do love the Detailer Inner Circle and SMS Conversations because having everyone’s information, not only their name, but also phone numbers and even emails all in one location is great. And I have used a few of the pre-filled filled messages. Thank you for putting this all together for my business!"
- Drake Strong, Strong’s Auto Detail
Who wants a positive community of like
minded people to connect with?
Detailer Inner Circle gives you a place to connect with forward thinkers
●  Positive, encouraging community
●  Mastermind on business ideas
●  Celebrate your wins with people who understand you
●  Make priceless connections
●  Support when you need it
Be surrounded by massive action takers
"With your program I was able to send out a voicemail to about 10 previous clients and two responded and I actually got jobs from them. So, the Detailer Inner Circle training program works very well."
- Johnard Owens
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"I own Redtail Detail. One of my biggest take-aways was that personal marketing is the best marketing and you lay out great strategies for that. I like how you emphasize letting people know they're special and individual, and that you actually care about them. Thanks Pete."
- Eric Weston
Full Value of This Training
You Get All This:
Who is this for:
  • You want to learn how to make money as a detailer with integrity
  • You want to build a powerful brand and community
  • You want to discover the top online marketing strategies to attract detailing clients
  • You want coaching and accountability from the best in the industry
  • You want to know how Pete and Jimbo run their business to acquire maximum profit with minimum effort
NO minimum monthly commitment
Just give us 30 days notice when you want to be removed from the monthly program
Only $99/month
You’ll get instant access to the ultimate detailer marketing training, then every month you’ll get access to live calls where we’ll teach the top online marketing strategies.
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